TND Reasons

TND Reasons

Below are 18 reasons to support each of the TEEN New Deal components:

STUDENT PAY (9 reasons) –

  1. Contribute to / Help families

  2. Increase financial literacy among youth & adults

  3. Incentivize/reward good behavior

  4. Fix Social Security system

  5. Make digital currency legitimate

  6. Increase parent involvement in schools

  7. Increase credit scores of youth & parents

  8. Increase opportunities for government to recognize individual value

  9. Transform society: civics becomes rewards based, instead of punishment-based!


  1. First step in creating “Student Pay”

  2. Practice voting

  3. Increase Youth Voice/Solutions – lunch, trips, uniforms, security, etc.

  4. Transform society: Student Government leaders can help better educate other students about social issues!

STUDENT MEDIA (5 reasons) –

  1. Student Government transparency

  2. Increase responsible use of social media

  3. Inform the youth with more positive images of youth/community

  4. More engaging educational programs/lessons

  5. Transform society: Student media programs help youth prepare for multiple careers in media industry!