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Welcome to Do The Write Thing's Kiddie Book Club

Many children only have access to books at school and at public libraries. When both were closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, DTWT established an online book club so children would continue to have access to books. LoLo Smith, one of DTWT's founders, is a former teacher who has long championed the importance of reading as the foundation of all learning. She is dedicated to implementing programs that encourage reading and learning like the Living Storybook program which is described elsewhere at this website.

Michelle Tillery of Banneker Academic High School in the District and a participant in DTWT's R.O.Y.A.L. Multi-Media Project, was tapped to produce audiobooks of 7 books written by LoLo Smith. Links to the audiobook narrations are included below.

Catherine Turner of Duke Ellington Performing Arts High School in the District, and also a participant in DTWT's R.O .Y.A.L. Multi-Media Project, was videotaped reading 4 of the books written by LoLo Smith. Links to the videotaped readings are provided below.

Parents are encouraged to sit with their young children as they listen to the recordings of the books. Parents may purchase any of the books by clicking on "More" where they will find "Children's Books for Sale." LoLo Smith feels it's very important for children to love books. They need to hold a book, turn its pages, look at the pictures, and hear the story being read out loud. This online book club accomplishes the last goal. Parents are encouraged to achieve the other goals by purchasing a book for their child's home library. There are FREE printable activity sheets to accompany each book. Parents may send an email to [email protected] and simply request the downloadable activity sheets for a book written by LoLo Smith.

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